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How it Works

Just place it inside your bag and leave your worries at home.

LugLoc locates your misplaced luggage any time, in any airport, around the world. Whether work documents, much-needed medications, souvenirs or gifts for your family – you will be able to know where your bag is, all the time. Your bag is not at the baggage carousel? Just trace your bag from theLugLoc Mobile Application. Simple and reliable. We do it for you.

LugLoc has the most effective system. Congested skies? Piled in a thick-walled warehouse? None of these will stop LugLoc from tracing your bag.

Don't worry about losing your luggage anymore, our battery will give you full power while in “on-mode” for 40 days.

The GSM state-of-the-art technology designed by our engineers enables LugLoc to trace your precious items within minutes, around any airport in the world. Slip your LugLoc inside your checked luggage, and the system will locate it anywhere in the world.

Your LugLoc will activate and register the first time it is powered on – it is that simple.

Let your iOS or Android application manage all your devices for you, making sure your luggage is always around you.

Product Features

LugLoc Provides the follow unique features:

  • Track your luggage anywhere in the world.
  • Send automated notifications to your smartphone or device.
  • Manage your luggage location from the palm of your hand, anywhere, any time.
  • Has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules and FAA Compliant.
  • Product
    Dimensions: 3.1 x 8.1 x 0.4
    Color: Black
    Weight: 2.71 ounces
    Battery life: Up to 40 days
    Charger USB cable: 110/220V (Included).


  • Single traveller - "Get 1 device for only $59.95"
  • Casual traveller - "Get 3 devices for only $149.95"
  • Family traveller - "Get 5 devices for only $239.95"
  • Traces

  • 1 trace pack for only $2.99
  • 5 traces pack for only $12.99
  • 10 traces pack for only $19.99
  • 30 traces pack for only $29.99

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