How It Works

What is LugLoc

LugLoc is a small electronic geo-tracking device that lets you locate your belongings worldwide through your smartphone. You simply place the LugLoc inside your bag and the app will update automatically as your luggage changes location.

How to Set Up and Use your LugLoc Device?

It’s as easy as:

  1. Turn the device ON and charge it with the USB cable or with the 110V/220V charger. Red led blinking: charging. Steady green led: battery fully charged.
  2. Download the LugLoc App to your IOS or Android smartphone.
  3. Create an account on the Mobile or Web App. Register your email and create a password to log into the App.
  4. Link your LugLoc Device to the account created by typing the ID number on the back of the device. If you have several devices, give each one a different Name (“Blue Big Bag”, "Silver Suitcase", etc.). The green and red LED lights will blink as the device activates and registers to the network for the first time.
  5. Once the registration is complete, place the LugLoc turned ON in your luggage. In the App, tap on the icon of the bag you wish to track. In less than 1’ you will see its location.
  6. Once your trip is over, fully charge the device and turn it OFF until your next voyage.